The War on Brown People

Donald Trump cares more about a dozen people of color kneeling during a football game than he does 3 million Puerto Ricans without power, water or food. Because: Brown people.

In our latest podcast — which you can listen to below — Cliff Schecter and I talk about Trump, kneel-gate and Puerto Rico, and then we also hit on a number of other topics, including election night in crazy Alabama (4:04), the Nazi Macarena (5:20), the faltering GOP effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare (6:24), the CNN health care debate with Bernie Sanders & Amy Klobuchar (8:31), Socialism! (13:41), the post-McCain era (19:54), President Bone-Spur McGee (23:51), the War on Brown People, part I: Puerto Rico (25:28), the War on Brown People, part II: Kneel-gate (33:00), Sasha makes a cameo (45:37), Trump discovers Puerto Rico is an island (46:46), Trump is un-American (51:43), nobody died for our country in Iraq & Afghanistan for Donald Trump’s right to commit treason (56:35), and Prince Harry meets Satan (59:15).

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Here’s today’s show:

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