BREAKING: Roy Moore sexually assaulted 14 y.o. girl, woman alleges

Bombshell election news. Religious right US Senate candidate, Roy Moore, of Alabama, allegedly sexually harassed and/or assaulted four young girls, age 14 to 18, when he was in his 30s, according to a breaking story from the Washington Post.

The special election in Alabama is next month, in early December. Moore is running against Democrat Doug Jones. You’ll recall that Moore is the guy who wants to recriminalize homosexuality.

The worst story of all — Moore allegedly picked up a 14 year old girl, when he was 32, took her back to his home in the woods, removed his clothes, removed her clothes, then touched her breasts, her crotch, and put her hand on his crotch. The girl told friends at the time that she was dating an older man, and even named Moore to one of the friends. If, as Moore now claims, these are political lies, why would a 14 y.o. girl make up these lies 40 years ago about the then- relatively unknown Roy Moore?

Doug Jones already had an interesting shot at winning this race, even before this past Tuesday’s election blowout, but now with Moore facing multiple accusations of sexual improprieties with teenage girls, in the of a nationwide scandal over sexual assault, Jones has a real chance of winning this. Donate to Jones’ campaign here.

Moore regularly invokes God as his inspiration for all things political, including his refusal to permit government officials in his state marry gay couples even after the Supreme Court mandated it. So these allegations, particularly against the uber-religion-on-his-shoulder Moore is huge.

Interestingly, Moore is today claiming that the fact that the woman waited this long to accuse him proves that they’re lying: “If any of these allegations were true, they would have been made public long before now,” Moore said today in a statement.

Yes, because what the last few months have shown is that nobody buries these things for years or decades at a time.But that would mean that all the other women who have come forward in the nationwide discussion about sexual harassment and sexual assault are also lying, at least any of them who didn’t come forward immediately after their alleged harassment/assault. Is Moore really willing to say this?

UPDATE: Moore is now claiming that Barack Obama and the Clintons somehow are behind the 14 year old girl, in 1979, telling her friend at the time that she was dating a grown man named “Roy Moore.” How’s that work exactly? Did the Obama and the Clintons go back in a time machine to 1979 and have the 14 year old girl lie 40 years ago, just in case Roy Moore ran for Senate in 2017?

Not to mention, the worst story, about the 14-year-old, comes from a woman who voted for Trump.

Look, this is the Republican party, and this is Alabama. Don’t put it past them to elect someone who is not only facing assault accusations, but who has confessed to them (i.e., Donald Trump). But, this is bad for Republicans nationwide, especially after last Tuesday’s election rout of the GOP. They do NOT need to have a candidate on the ballot, and a Senator seated in the Congress, who is accused by multiple teenage girls of what basically consistutes child abuse in the middle of a nationwide scandal over that very issue.

Already, GOP Senator Jeff Flake has told MSNBC that if there is any shred of truth to the charges, Moore should step aside immediately. Even Mitch McConnell says tat if the allegations are true, Moore needs to step aside. He’s in trouble.

Remember, when the accusations against Harvey Weinstein went public, Republicans demanded that Democrats rebuke him and distance themselves, and they did. Will Republicans do the same with Moore?

Doug Jones has a real chance here. And regardless of how Moore fares in December, this controversy could cause major damage to the Republican party over the next month and year leading into the crucial 2018 congressional elections.

Please donate now to Roy Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones — we can win this next month in Alabama.

Thanks, JOHN

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4 Responses to “BREAKING: Roy Moore sexually assaulted 14 y.o. girl, woman alleges”

  1. Moderator4 says:

    Did you even bother to read this article?
    Apparently not. Because it is full of “alleged” and “accusations.”
    The blog owner, John Aravosis, has a law degree and is not about to declare anyone “obviously guilty” before the actual results of a trial.

  2. jdmeth says:

    Why do we even have trials? If two or three people accuse someone, no matter how long they have kept silent, that person is obviously guilty. This will save billions in legal fees.

  3. So, to Republican politicians, the fact that Roy, a self-declared enemy of our Constitution, who defied and subordinated federal court rulings on the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment and 14th Amendment’s guarantee of equal protection to his Christian bigotry, which was cause for removing him twice from the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, doesn’t render him unfit to become a Republican senator. Only if Roy were proven in a court of law to have been a pedophile who took sexual advantage of a 14-year old girl when he was a 32 year old district attorney would he be considered unfit for that office by most Republicans, including President Trump. Of course, the senatorial election is only 5 weeks away so there can’t be a trial before the election.

    Apparently, some Repubs believe that even if the accusations (three other women have complained that Roy also hustled them as teenagers) were true, it happened so long ago or didn’t involve the use of force or only involved kissing after Roy had removed his clothing, so they’d still vote for good ole Roy anyway. Or they just can’t abide abandoning the job to a Democrat by default because there’s not enough time to put another person’s name as the Republican candidate on the ballot, so they’d vote for good ole Roy anyway.. Are these the “family values” by which Republicans have insisted for decades that all Americans must live?

    Republicans sure have high moral and political standards for their brand of public servants.

  4. woodroad34 says:

    It doesn’t surprise me. With his lack of propriety and sense of the world that isn’t about him, I’m sure he thought the girl was just so into him that she was stunned by his mere magnificence. Another Dotard in power.

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