Breaking: House GOP declares war on the FBI

Democratic Rep Adam Schiff just announced that the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have opened an investigation of the FBI and the Department of Justice in order to undermine Mueller’s investigation of Trump’s collusion with Russia.

The GOP members of the House Intelligence Committee refused to let the FBI come to brief them on why the “Nunes Memo” is wrong, and why it would be dangerous to national security to make it public. The request to brief them came directly from the director of the FBI, a Trump appointee. The GOP said “no.”

You’ll recall that the Nunes memo was written by House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes, who has lied in the past to defend Donald Trump and undercut the Mueller investigation. The memo claims that the DOJ and FBI have become cronies for Hillary Clinton, and have an anti-Trump bias. Which is ironic, since the FBI helped get Trump elected, and is a notoriously conservative institution. The memo claims that the DOJ and FBI corruptly investigated Trump-Russia, which is absurd.

The Republicans today voted to make public their partisan memo attacking the FBI & DOJ, but refused to make public the Democratic memo defending the FBI & DOJ.

The Republican party crossed a line today. We’re in banana republic territory now. Watergate territory. And it involves not just Trump, but the entire Republican congress. We now have a full blown crisis, and I fear what comes next.

Trump and the GOP Congress forced the resignation of the #2 in the FBI today (you can hear our latest podcast about that here). And the Nunes Memo attempts to force the resignation of the #2 at the DOJ. We are witnessing a full blown Saturday Night Massacre started by Donald Trump and enabled by the GOP Congress.

And no one in the Trump administration or the leadership of the GOP Congress cares about what Russia did to undermine our election, or continues to do to undermine our democracy. This is outrageous, un-American and treasonous behavior by the Republican party.

There is literally NO ONE in the Trump administration coordinating the response to Russia’s ongoing attempts to undermine our democracy. NO ONE. Trump is doing NOTHING to stop the Russians from attacking us. When will say “enough”?

And now the House Intelligence Committee is actively trying to kill the Mueller probe while starting a new investigation accusing the FBI and Dept of Justice of being a criminal hotbed because the FBI & DOJ are the only way we’re going to stop Russia.

Who needs Vladimir Putin when you have Donald Trump, Devin Nunes, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell undercutting our democracy and our democratic institutions, from law enforcement to the media, to protect Trump & Russia. Never has our country seen such un-American traitors.

Paul Ryan did this. Along with Trump, Nunes & McConnell. Ryan just today said that he agreed with Nunes about the false, defamatory anti-FBI memo meant to undercut the Mueller probe. Let’s make Ryan pay.

Donate to Ryan’s 2018 election opponent Randy Bryce here.

The only way to stop these people, short of revolution, is at the ballot box this November. We have to DESTROY the GOP in the Fall elections. And let’s start with Paul Ryan, who may actually be in danger of losing his seat.

Donate now to Democrat Randy Bryce and ask your friends to do the same.

Thanks, JOHN

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8 Responses to “Breaking: House GOP declares war on the FBI”

  1. Badgerite says:

    Two planes. Two buildings. Two crumbling buildings. Crumbling buildings that shed debris throughout the area but specifically to nearby buildings. Think ‘earthquake’ similarities.
    Buildings ( North and South tower) hit by planes filled with rocket fuel which once on fire heats to temperatures sufficient to melt steel infrastructure. Top infrastructure no longer being held up falls onto the rest of the building overloading infrastructure tolerance. Multiply by each floor as the buildings crumble.
    It isn’t repartee. On your side it is anti American propaganda.
    And I’m guessing you are paid to do it.
    You don’t have to go far to ‘research’ trump’s business past.
    A google of articles in The Atlantic magazine should do it.

  2. Mr. Muckel says:

    The truth is like chili peppers. Some people have an appetite for it and others would rather subsist on a bland diet. To confront uncomfortable truths which run totally counter to everything you’ve believed a lifetime is simply too much for many.
    The Hegelian Dialectic has been used to keep people apart and warring against one another. It takes guts to just challenge just one of your close held notions and explore the other side of the argument.
    I will research Trumps past because you have posed some interesting questions. I suggest you rethink your rocket analogy
    and jet fuels inability to reach temperatures which would drop not 1 but 3 buildings perfectly in their footprints, (counting wtc7 which wasn’t even struck)
    Enjoyed our little repartee’
    Think Thermite

  3. Badgerite says:

    No. Actually, and this is a matter of legal record, trump, knowing his casino business in Atlantic City was going bust because his over the top spending and poor management, faced a personal bankruptcy. With his own wealth on the line, trump did what any crook would do, which was to put out glowing reports as to the financial health of the company and take the company public. He lured public investment and then set the company up to be his own personal piggy bank, draining investor money into his own pockets to make himself whole financially again, and then the company declared bankruptcy. When his business did go bankrupt. it wasn’t just the banks that lost money, all of his investors who had trusted his bullshit lost their shirts as well. Along with contractors that were not paid and Atlantic City itself. Basically, he cheated people. After that and further bankruptcies no bank in the west would loan him money. Deutsche Bank, on the other hand, is a well known conduit for the flow of Russian money laundering into western real estate and a one of Putin’s conduits for spending in the west was unfathomly willing to lend trump hundred of millions of dollars. $300 million of which he still owes that bank. In other words, Putin guaranteed his loans.
    Yes, 19 Arabs with box cutters, unsuspecting, unarmed victims and planes filled to the brim with jet fuel took down those buildings.
    A flying projectile with a large amount of explosive jet fuel? We call that a ….wait for it…..rocket. Yes I think a rocket with explosives on board can take down a building. That has been amply demonstrated in war.

  4. Mr. Muckel says:

    So many words to justify your false belief system. You have been duped into believing black is white, up is down. Sadam Hussein and Bin Laden were CIA ops. Our CIA created ISIS. Wake up man!
    Justifying wars and ignoring Clinton/Bush secret drug running while deflecting those uncomfortable facts with false accusations that somehow Trump got loans to fund his bankruptcies. Textbook ‘Confirmation Bias’. Deal with the reality of the real world. Our government creates the chaos. Do you really think 19 Arabs with box cutters brought down those buildings?

  5. Badgerite says:

    Yes, because it is Hilary Clinton and the Bushes who could not get a single bank in the western world except Deutsche Bank of Germany which was fined around $14 million for laundering somewhere around $10 billion of Russian mob money, to loan him money after his 4-6 bankruptcies.
    I said he was a crook. And he is. He has stolen most of his life and engaged in criminal money laundering most of his life. His most recent crime was selling out the country’s intelligence services to the Russians.
    That is an ongoing crime and the GOP is complicit. ( see Rachel Maddow or Malcolm Nance. )
    Bush I responded to an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Saddam Hussein had been engaged in wars in the region for a decade. It drained his treasury.
    He looked south and saw a fat and happy oil state right across the border so he invaded. After telling everyone including Mubarak and any other Middle Eastern leader who visited him that he had no intention of invading.
    It was lightening fast and similar to the Blitzkrieg. Bush 1 acted with the backing of the United Nations and the Arab League and did not invade Iraq but did kick the Iraqi military out of Kuwait and restore the previous border.
    Bill Clinton, who preceded Bush 1 has the singular record of have scarcely any deaths of military in combat on his watch. He inherited the situation in Somalia from Bush 1 where the Black Hawk incident occurred. There was one training death in the action to push back against Milosevic in Bosnia.
    To this day, that action has provided stable borders and ended the killing and ‘ethnic cleansing’ that was going on in a Yugoslavia that deteriorated after Tito died and the Warsaw Pact crumbled. Those were the only actions, other than one or two missile launches against Osama Bin Laden, that come to mind. They were very limited actions. And produced good results. I remember what was raging in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia for years before NATO acted. It was not peaceful.
    Bush II I won’t quibble about. trump is not trying to end any wars. Last time I checked Michael Flynn was involved in some hair brained scheme to transfer nuclear technology all over the Middle East with Russia as a partner. Russia, of course, was the party that helped the most in transferring nuclear technology to Iran, ostensibly for peaceful purposes, but everyone knew it was to develop a nuclear weapons program. In fact, this was a main point of conflict between the Clinton Administration and Russia in the 90s. We see how that turned out. So trump thinks it would
    be a good idea to have the US ‘help’ Russia spread nuclear weaponry all over the Arab world. Sounds like a plan. trump seems to have backed off of that one. But Russia has not. They are seeking to spread nuclear technology to Egypt last time I checked. It is a way of ingratiating Russia with the Arab world again.
    trump is trying to line his and his family’s pocket and pretend he’s not up to his eyeballs in graft and corruption. And also completely in the pocket of Vladimir Putin. Putin owns him. Pure and simple. And he will do whatever he has to to keep Putin happy. Right at this moment China owns him too. And they bought him with some flattery and a couple of trademark deals.
    You might want to read Glen Greenwald’s latest account of the civilian casualties of trump’s first ordered military strike in Yemen. He goes into great detail as to the civilian casualties. He does leave out the fire fight that took place, of course, and how it resulted in one American soldier dying. This was a raid that Obama had declined to authorize. So trump did. Cognitive dissonance is a part of life. The world is complex. Especially when it comes to morality and how you maintain moral standards in a world that is essentially, notwithstanding all of the world’s religion, without any.

  6. Mr. Muckel says:

    You obviously weren’t paying attention to Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama. All of them tearing up the world with their wars against innocent civilians. Trump is simply trying to undo all that.
    I know your hatred for Trump is deep but perhaps your could be a bit more introspective and a little less cognitively dissonant.

  7. Badgerite says:

    If trump and his GOP enablers accuse others of a ‘Deep State Coup’ it is a safe bet that the ‘coup’ part is something they are bent on himself. Think “Crooked Hilary”. trump is the biggest most obvious crook I have ever seen.

  8. Gerald Parks says:

    The Revolution IS being televised and who knew white supremacist from both Russia and the US would unite for the destruction of America?
    Well now we know who the villains in this story … where are our heroes?

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