GOP finance chair Steve Wynn accused of sexual abuse

A blockbuster story in the Wall Street Journal alleges that billionaire Republican donor, casino mogul, and Republican National Committee finance chair Steve Wynn pressured numerous female employees to have sex with him. The story is graphic and gross.

Wynn is a HUGE Republican party donor.

The Republican party had no problem demanding that Democrats return any and all donations from Harvey Weinstein following allegations that he had sexually harassed and abused numerous women.

So fair is fair. It’s now time for the Republican party to return their donations from Steve Wynn, and fire him as the GOP finance chair.

Sign the petition, and please share it on social media.

Thanks, JOHN

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5 Responses to “GOP finance chair Steve Wynn accused of sexual abuse”

  1. Bill_Perdue says:

    Democrats are Republicans so if you attack one group you’re attacking both groups.

    American workers should be clamoring for the indictment and prosecution of the Congress and the chief officials of the Trump, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter and other rightist regimes including members of their Cabinets and members of their JCS. Without exception they are all tools of the rich, rabid warmongers, rancid racists and union busting thugs or complicit in those murderous polices.

    Russian workers should feel free to go after the post-Stalinist bureaucratic and capitalist gangsters who run their nation.

    We and our Russian brothers and sisters could make a competition of it. The prize, of course, is socialism in the US and the RF.

  2. Badgerite says:

    I’d be more impressed with Paul Ryan finally returning his donation from Wynn if he hadn’t just received his $500,000 kickback from the Koch Brothers for his amazing monetary gift to them that will cripple this country economically in the near future.

  3. confusion says:

    We miss al Franken even if we don’t know it.

  4. brel1 says:

    Where is Gillibrand who was screaming about Al Franken? Why isn’t she screaming about Wynn? Or why wasn’t she screaming about Meehan. Oh, she only screams at Democrats. Nice.

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