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In 6 days, on March 13, there will be a special US House of Representatives election in Pennsylvania, at which the next US congressman from Pennsylvania will be chosen. And Republicans are freaking.

Axios reported on Monday that top Republicans in Washington have already given up on the seat, which Democrat Conor Lamb should NEVER be able to win — the district is THAT Republican.

And CNN just reported, minutes ago, that they’ve been contacted by multiple congressional Republicans who think the race is lost, and who blame it on Donald Trump!

Donate to Conor Lamb here, and let’s steal this seat from the Republicans next Tuesday March 13.

As I said, we should not be competitive in these traditionally-Republican seats, but this is the age of Trump, and (fortunately) the GOP is setting itself up for an electoral disaster this fall. We’ve already seen ample evidence of a Blue Wave, from our surprise US Senate victory in Alabama (Alabama!), to almost winning control of the Virginia House of Delegates a few months ago, something else that no one had predicted was even possible.

This is an election year of impossible possibilities. In 2016, the impossible was Donald Trump winning the presidency. But now, thank God, the shoe is on the other foot, and Democrats are winning races they simply should not be able to win. That presents us with an unprecedented opportunity. It also teaches us an important lesson. No matter how bad the odds, don’t assume we can’t win. Politics is the art of the possible — and the bad guys win when we assume the results in advance, whether it’s that we’re going to win or lose. Nothing is set in stone until the last person votes.

As an aside, don’t underestimate how important it is to take back the House. Democrats will then have subpoena power. We will finally have real investigations of what Trump did with Russia (beyond the Mueller probe). Trump sycophants like Devin Nunes will lose their committee chairmanships, and no longer be able to defend Trump. And if we get the Senate, we control Supreme Court appointments, judges, administration appointees and more. It is HUGELY important that we take back Congress if we want to stop Donald Trump.

One more thing. While Conor Lamb’s election is next week — and please do donate if you can, and share this donation link on social media (Facebook & Twitter):  But after next Tuesday, we all have another job. To start supporting other Democratic candidates for the fall, and do it early. These folks need money NOW. Not just in the last few weeks before the election, but now. So when you see appeals going out for specific candidates, if you can afford to help, please do.

Speaking of which, here are a few other of our AMERICAblog Action endorsed candidates/races for the fall. If you can, please support them. They’re all great candidates. We’ll be adding to the list as time goes on.

***US House
Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11 open seat)
Veronica Escobar (TX-16 open seat)
Andrew Janz (CA-22, running against Devin Nunes)
Randy Bryce (WI-01, running against Paul Ryan — Ryan is actually in danger)
Eventual Democratic Nominee (CA-48, taking on Dana Rohrabacher — Rohrabacher is also in danger)

***US Senate
Kyrsten Sinema (Arizona open seat)
Beto O’Rourke (Texas, running against Ted Cruz)
Jacky Rosen (Nevada, running against Dean Heller — Heller is seriously vulnerable)

***State races
Zach Wahls (IA-37th State Senate District. Zach is a longtime LGBT advocate who famously gave a speech before the Iowa legislature at age 19 about his two moms. You really have to see this video, if you’re not familiar. More on Zach here.)

And be sure to check out our latest podcast, about sexism at the Oscars, bigotry at the Women’s March, some great election news, and we also go off on that goofball Sam Nunberg. Later this week, we’ll be interviewing Dan Savage, in what was definitely a fun episode.

Thanks, JOHN

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