From Russia with Poison

Russia has escalated its efforts to start a new Cold War with the West by recklessly poisoning a former Russian spy, his daughter, and a police detective in Great Britain.

This comes on the heels of the Russians trying to kill US troops in Syria (that one backfired on them badly), and it’s clear that Vladimir Putin has been enabled by Donald Trump’s and Theresa May’s feckless policies of appeasement. That’s our big story of the day in today’s UnPresidented Podcast.

We also talk about the nail-biter US House election taking place tomorrow (Tuesday, March 13) in Pennsylvania; more corruption concerns about Donald Trump Jr. and his sister Ivanka; and about former Trump official and Alt Right leader Steve Bannon’s trip to a fascist conference in France.

Listen below:

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(Red Square photo by Alvesgaspar.)

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