Malcolm Nance: “Russia owns Trump”

Cliff Schecter and I recently spoke with former intelligence officer, and national security expert, Malcolm Nance about his upcoming new book, “The Plot to Destroy Democracy,” and his shocking claim that both Donald Trump and Jared Kushner have already been compromised by foreign intelligence services.

Malcolm tells us that Trump “has been involved with Russian operatives with regards to this election since 2012… he is a witting asset”; that Putin became “the leader of the global conservative movement” by “coopt[ing] all of Europe and the American Republican party via the NRA, Evangelicals and the Alt Right — they own the hard core base of the Republican party now”; and why he believes that “Jared Kushner is a compromised person.”

It’s a great, and disturbing, interview that we know you’ll enjoy. Again, you can listen to a free 10-minute clip below, and you can hear the entire hour-long interview with Malcom here by becoming a premium subscriber to the UnPresidented Podcast, for only $5/month.

Thanks so much.

Here’s the excerpt:


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