Podcast: David Frum on Conor Lamb, Trump/Russia, & authoritarianism in America

David Frum — a vocal Trump critic, former Bush White House official, Atlantic senior editor, and author of the new book “Trumpocracy: The corruption of the American republic” — is our guest on today’s episode of the UnPresidented Podcast.

In this premium episode, David talks to us about Conor Lamb’s stunning election victory in Pennsylvania the other night, the wisdom of impeaching Donald Trump, Watergate compared to Trump/Russia, Iraq in retrospect, the nature of truth, the danger authoritarian kleptocracies pose to America and the world, and how Canada has effectively regulated guns. It was a fascinating interview, I think it will give you a lot to think about.

Here’s a 15-minute snippet in which David talks about the Conor Lamb election and what it means for other congressional races in November.

And you can hear the rest of our hour-long interview with David Frum by becoming a premium patron of our podcast with only a $5/month subscription.

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