Rick Wilson on why Trump is a traitor

GOP political consultant Rick Wilson joins us in today’s premium episode of our UnPresidented Podcast for a long talk about Donald Trump and the danger he poses to the Republican party and the long-term survival of the republic.

You can hear a 13-minute free clip of the interview just below, and the entire 75-minute interview with a premium subscription ($5/month or more) to our podcast. I’ve also transcribed some of the best quotes from this episode below.

Among the podcast highlights….

Rick Wilson on Michael Cohen’s FBI raid: “It couldn’t happen to a nicer douchebag… this guy is so eminently punchable.”

Rick on the 2018 elections: “Democratic voters will crawl over broken glass to vote against Donald Trump’s friends.”

Rick on what GOP Senators will, and should, do if Trump fires Mueller: “Believe me, they won’t do a damn thing. They will not do a damn thing. Nothing will happen. “

Rick on how GOP members of Congress really hate Trump: “A lot of the ones that hate him are publicly the most red-hat wearing, chest beating, MAGA, ‘build the wall’ people you see out there. They hate him. They fear him, they loathe him, they hate their voters because of him. They hate him because they know they basically sold out their conservative principles.”

What Rick recently told a GOP Senator complaining about Trump’s attacks on Mueller: “You guys have to all get together and send him a f*cking letter that says ‘Dear Mr. President, if you remove Robert Mueller from office, we in the United States Senate Republican caucus will take up articles of impeachment when they are sent to us from the House and will proceed with convicting you.”

Rick on the damage Trump is doing to our country: “We’re going to have generational damage from what Trump is doing. He’s broken what the presidency means as a leader for the country. He’s broken the moral stature of the presidency. He’s broken the belief that the president will adhere to the Constitution and the rule of law. He’s moved from being the leader of the Free World to somebody who at best is the bullsh*tter of the Free World with a love of authoritarians. I think there’s a lot of damage he’s done to the American brand.”

Rick when asked if Donald Trump is a traitor: “I believe that Donald Trump has put the national interest of Russia above the national interest of the United States repeatedly. And by any definition I think that’s traitorous.”

Rick on why Trump is the worst president ever: “Even our worst presidents, none of them were willing to burn down the republic for their own ego… If Trump were impeached and convicted, he wouldn’t leave the White House. He would dig in and make them pull him out of there like a tick on the back of a hog, it would not be pretty.”

Rick also called Trump “a gigantic c*cknozzle,” and discussed his upcoming book: “Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican consultant gets real about the worst president ever.”

It was a wild interview, with a lot of laughs, and a lot of sobering discussion of where our country is heading. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

This is a 13-minute snippet of the 75-minute-long interview — listen to the full episode here with a premium subscription.

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