GOP campaign consultant John Weaver on John McCain & the GOP Stockholm Syndrome under Trump

John Weaver is a longtime GOP presidential campaign manager (McCain 2000 & 2008 (for part of the campaign), Huntsman 2012, Kasich 2016) who, rare among campaign operatives, also nearly worked for the Democrats in the 2000s.

A vocal Never-Trumper, John spoke to us today about John McCain and the “Stockholm Syndrome” grasp that Donald Trump has on today’s Republican party. John also talked to us about just how rare it is for a presidential campaign to have any foreign contacts at all, let alone the 75 contacts with Russians that Donald Trump’s campaign had, and then hid. We also talked to John about impeachment, which he favors if Mueller catches Trump with the goods, and his views of Karl Rove and Matt Schlapp. After John left, Cliff and I discuss North Korea, and Trump’s meltdown this weekend over his delusion that the FBI “infiltrated” his 2016 presidential campaign (they didn’t).

John rounds out our recent deeper-dive into the Never-Trump movement.

Hope you enjoy. (Image of John Weaver courtesy of C-Span.)

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