Guest Amanda Carpenter on how Trump is gaslighting America

Prominent Never-Trumper and CNN contributor Amanda Carpenter joins us in today’s UnPresidented podcast for a discussion of her new book, “Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us.”

Among the topics: Trump’s birtherism; why the GOP fell for Trump and the importance of “the Flight 93 essay”; why Ted Cruz caved after initially publicly challenging Trump; how the GOP prepared the ground for Trump eventual arise; how the GOP ostracizes Trump critics; whether Trump should be impeached; and still, throughout all of this, why there’s cause for hope (which Amanda still, amazingly, has). It was another really interesting interview, we hope you enjoy.

Below is a 10-minute excerpt of our 70-minute episode. Premium patrons can listen to the entire episode, and support our podcast, here.

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