Support LGBT hero Zach Wahls

As a straight college kid with two lesbian moms, Zach Wahls famously spoke out in favor of gay marriage before the Iowa House of Representatives back in 2012, when he was only 19 years old.

Zach gave an amazing speech, you can check it out here. He then went on to lead a campaign, as a former Eagle Scout, to successfully pressure the Boy Scouts to drop their gay ban. Zach is the real deal. He was there to help us when we needed him. And now he needs our help in return.

Zach is now running for the Iowa State Senate, and I’d like to ask you to support his campaign for a seat held by a Democrat who is not running for reelection. You can donate to Zach here.

Zach Wahls

If we want good Democrats, we need to elect them AND find them young, and get them involved in the political process early on. And they don’t get any better than Zach. I’ve gotten to know Zach over the years, and he’s an amazing young man who is going to go far in progressive politics. His top three issues for this race are health care, education, and workers’ rights. The primary is in just three weeks, and then the general election is in the fall.

No one is more deserving of our help than Zach. He was there for the LGBT community when most kids his age were worrying about final exams. Please join me in returning the favor by helping elect Zach to the Iowa State Senate. This guy is going to go far, so long as we help him. Please donate $25 or more to his campaign. And as this is a local race, your donation will go a LONG way — you can actually make a difference in electing the next generation of progressives. Support Zach now.

And do take a minute and watch Zach’s speech, at only 19 years of age, before the Iowa legislature. It’s still one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. I think you’ll agree.

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