Malcolm Nance warns Trump is “stoking civil war”

National security expert Malcolm Nance joins us on the UnPresidented podcast more to talk about his newest book, “The Plot to Destroy Democracy: How Putin and His Spies Are Undermining America and Dismantling the West.” The book focuses on how, since the election, Vladimir Putin is using Trump to implement his plan “to end democracy and the way of American life as we see it.”

You can listen to a ten-minute excerpt of the interview below:

In one of our longest, and most serious, podcasts to date, Malcolm walks us through just how corrupted Trump has become by Russia, how Trump has always aspired to be an oligarch (and how Russia appears to have gotten their claws in to Trump earlier than was previously known), how Trump is preparing to give away the house at his likely summit next month with Vladimir Putin, how Russia and China both have a long-term plan to replace the US as the global superpower worldwide (while the US does little to counter it), how and why Trump is now stoking the flames of a civil war (“This man is stoking civil war, he’s stoking violence”), and why the election in November is our last best hope to save our democracy because “America is under attack.” (“If they win this election, their destruction of American democracy, and European democracy and the Atlantic alliance, will be unstoppable.”) Malcolm also weighs in on the immigration debate, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ difficulty in finding a good restaurant.

A bit more from Malcolm about Trump’s penchant for lying: “Look, this is a man who used to read Mein Kampf to his wife in bed, and was fascinated at the strength of Hitler’s speeches, and Goebbel’s statement of the Big Lie: If you’re going to tell a big lie, tell it, and if you repeat it three times it becomes the truth. These people understand that, and they are using the power of lying all the time.”

It’s an admittedly serious discussion about a serious topic: the survival of our country. With the level of detail, and fascinating insight, that only Malcolm can provide.

You can listen to the entire 82-minute episode here.

And you can listen to our earlier interview with Malcolm here.

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