Paul Begala says Mitch McConnell is guilty of “borderline treason”

Democratic strategist Paul Begala, who played a key role in helping get President Clinton elected to the White House in 1992, joins us for a free-ranging discussion  about the Trump era and whether America can survive the unprecedented attacks on our norms and democracy itself.

Paul talks in particular about Mitch McConnell, and how he singlehandedly sold our country out when we needed him most, at the onset of the Russia election hack. And he examines what Democrats (including himself) did wrong in 2016, and how we can fix things going forward, such as reaching out to Trump voters without selling our souls, and promoting a concrete positive message for the midterm elections (Paul details a health care “contract with America” that he favors).

Paul Also talks about our chances in the fall elections, and his thoughts on impeachment. This is a good one, I know you’ll enjoy it.

This is a 14-minute excerpt of the 73-minute episode. Premium patrons can listen to the entire episode, and support our podcast, here.

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