Measles, Trump’s taxes, Facebook, and impeachment

In today’s UnPresidented Podcast, Cliff and I talk about the wickedness of anti-vaxxers, a federal court ruling that Trump’s accountants have to turn over his taxes to House committees, why Trump is spending so much money on Facebook ads when Democrats aren’t, the Washington Post’s sickeningly poofy profile of George “I found out the Russians hacked Hillary and didn’t call the FBI” Papadopoulos, Tea Partyer Justin Amash calling for Trump to be impeached, and a new Sushi restaurant in Tokyo where you send them your saliva, urine and feces before making a reservation.

Below is a 13-minute excerpt of the hour and 12 minute long episode. To hear the entire show, our archives, and support ad-free independent media, please become a patron over at Patreon.

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