Huge fundraising numbers for the Democratic presidential candidates

In today’s UnPresidented podcast, Cliff and I tell you what the new fundraising numbers mean for the various Democratic presidential candidates (Buttigieg, incredibly, beat Bernie Sanders — by a LOT).

And we talk about the new polls that consistently show Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren improving since last week’s debate, while Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders keep slipping. Bernie, in particular, seems almost out of the picture, but there’s a year to go, so who knows.

And finally, Cliff and I have a little chat about Betsy Ross (spoiler alert: the American flag is not a racist symbol), and why this latest faux-controversy created by Colin Kaepernick even matters discussion. And we have a new pollster guest later this week, who should be really interesting.

Below is a 5-minute excerpt of the 53-minute episode. To hear the entire show, and help keep independent media like UnPresidented ad-free, please subscribe to our show on Patreon.

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