New poll is just AWFUL for Trump; Voter concern about the economy grows

After 2016, it’s understandable that Democrats are wary of polls predicting victory against Trump next year. Also, we’ve got another 15 months to election day, and anything can happen between now and then.

Having said all of that, the new Quinnipiac poll is just God-awful news for Trump, and it’s not the kind of thing a sitting president wants to see heading into a re-election. (And I’d rather see a bad poll for Trump 15 months out, than a good one.)

First, the really bad news for Trump: Voter sentiment about the economy has tanked.

From Quinnipiac:

“For the first time since President Trump was elected, more voters say that the national economy is getting worse than getting better, with 37 percent saying it is getting worse, 31 percent saying it is getting better, and 30 percent saying it is staying the same. This compares to a June 11, 2019 poll in which 23 percent of voters said that the national economy is getting worse, 39 percent said it is getting better, and 37 percent said it is staying the same.”

And while those polled said they still think the economy is in excellent or good shape (61%), those are the lowest numbers in over a year, meaning, people are getting worried.

Also problematic, people are increasingly blaming Trump for their concerns over the worsening economy:

“Voters also say that President Trump’s policies are hurting the nation’s economy at 41 percent, while 37 percent say that they are helping, and 20 percent say that his policies make no difference.”

The economy is the only thing Trump really had going for his re-election. Regardless of the fact that unemployment fell 5 points under Barack Obama, and only 1 point under Trump, sitting presidents tend to get the credit or blame for the economy under their watch, and up until now Trump was sitting on a pretty good economy. Not any more — or at least, that’s what’s the public thinks.

Trump’s approval rating on other key issues is bad.

Regarding Trump’s approval rating on various issues, he’s 3 points underwater on the economy (46% approve, 49% disapprove), and it’s even worse on other key issues:

Trump’s overall approval rating is also bad, and falling.

Also, per 538, Trump’s overall approval is slowing moving down, now nearing 41%.

And Trump loses, by a wide margin, to ever top Democrat.

And finally, also from Quinnipiac, Trump loses, by wide margins, to pretty much every top Democratic candidate:

Note that Trump never even breaks 40% against any of the top Dems. That’s a horrible showing for a sitting president, especially one sitting atop a successful (until now) economy.

So, sure, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s a long way till November 2020, and polls aren’t always right. But. These numbers are just awful for Trump, and they’re consistent with other polls showing Trump losing by a wide margin to every top Democratic candidate. None of that is good news for an incumbent president hoping to be re-elected in the coming year.

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