Meghan McCain says gun owners will resort to violence to stop an assault weapons ban

Today’s UnPresidented podcast is mostly about guns, starting with Meghan McCain’s horrific comments about how gun owners will resort to violence if we dare ban their assault weapons, only going to prove that those gun owners are unworthy of owning any guns at all.

We also talk about GOP Congressman Dan Crenshaw thinking it’s okay to lend his gun to his neighbors; about Walmart ending the sale of handguns and assault weapon ammo; and about John’s wacky idea for ending open-carry laws. Then, in other news, we discuss Trump choosing to go golfing, twice, in the middle of Hurricane Dorian; Marianne Williamson’s bizarre comments about the hurricane; another US House Republican from Texas announcing he’s not running for re-election, and what it means; and Mike Pence’s desperate attempt to keep Trump from removing him from the 2020 ticket.

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