Seb Gorka’s Affogato (a podcast with guest Jared Yates Sexton)

Today we have a long chat with author Jared Yates Sexton about Trump’s and the GOP’s base, how the Republicans consistently fool themselves on the issues, and what we can do, if anything, to win back the messaging war from people who have lied themselves into believing they’re the most oppressed people on the planet. We talked for nearly an hour and 40 minutes, so there’s a lot more than just that in the talk, but that’s the leitmotif as it were. (And we also have a little discussion about Seb Gorka’s totally fey coffee.)

Below is a 15-minute excerpt of the nearly 1 hour 40 minute podcast. To hear the entire show, and help keep independent media ad-free, please become a subscriber over at Patreon.

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