Warren supporters prefer Biden over Sanders, by a lot

I asked a simple question on Twitter this morning, and got a surprising response. I wanted to know whether supporters of Elizabeth Warren preferred Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden as their second choice. I had just assumed it would be Sanders. Boy was I wrong.

Their clear choice was Joe Biden.

I got a lot of responses from women in particular, who worried that Sanders couldn’t sufficiently unify Democrats to beat Trump in November, but also who simply didn’t like the always-on anger of Sanders and his supporters, the much-reviled BernieBros.

I got the idea for asking the question after reading this tweet from a prominent Warren supporter:

So I asked the question:

Here are some of the replies. It’s not even close. I found one tweet of someone undecided between Warren and Biden. I didn’t find any that were pro-Sanders and anti-Biden (though I suspect there are a few). As many note, it didn’t help that Sanders’ supporters launched unending sexist attacks against Warren (and Klobuchar), including inundating Warren and his supporters with emojis of snakes (because Warren is apparently a vile snake, get it?) But it got me thinking. Bernie Sanders’ never-ending anger is exactly the kind of thing that appeals to men (some men, not me), but for a lot of women, an angry guy pushes all the wrong buttons.

Others pointed out that, yes, they’re for Warren. But they’re Democrats for Warren. And they’re not interested in supporting a candidate like Sanders who not only isn’t a Democrat, but who routinely — including last night — attacks Democrats.

And finally, Sanders supports have savaged Elizabeth Warren for weeks, claiming that she, not Bernie, should step down for the good of the left. You never once saw Joe Biden call on Buttigieg or Klobuchar or Harris to step down for him. As many pundits have noted of late, you win by addition not subtraction — you win by adding people to your coalition, not by alienating.

I’m copying several of them en masse, so you can see that I’m not selectively choosing pro-Biden and anti-Sanders comments:

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