How Republicans are using faux populism during the Coronavirus pandemic to fan the flames of fascism

Author, political analyst, and host of the Muckrake podcast, joins us to talk about faux populism (his expertise) and how it applies to the Coronavirus madness on the right, and more generally, how what we’re going through fits into the larger history of fascist movements. It’s a really interesting discussion with Jared, and a long episode — going on 1 hour 40 minutes. We get into the issue of people refusing to wear masks, the possible postponement of the election, and more. A really enjoyable discussion. Hope you like.

Jared also has a new book out, “American Rule: How a nation conquered the world but failed its people.” Be sure to check it out.

This is a premium episode, so you can listen to a 35-minute preview below. And to hear the rest of our show — it’s a good hour and 40 minutes — please become a supporter over at Patreon, thanks.

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