Amazon, Amex, Delta, GM, Google, Home Depot, Merck, Visa, and the NFL financially-supported the election of 120 Electoral College coup supporters in Congress

147 members of Congress objected to the certification of the Electoral Vote, fueling the anger and hysteria of Trump supporters who launched a violent terrorist attack on the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021.

120 of those coup-supporting members of Congress, or 82%, were elected with the financial help of 165 of America’s top corporations, including Amazon, American Express, Delta Airlines, General Motors, Google, Home Depot, Merck, Visa, and the National Football League. (Full list below.)

Below, I list the companies who helped elect some of the most un-American members of Congress in US history. And I ask you to please contact those companies and tell them to stop supporting members of Congress who don’t respect our democracy, and to specifically stop supporting PACs and Super PACs that fund those members’ campaigns.

(Check out our earlier coverage of the companies that supported the Senate Leadership Fund and the Congressional Leadership Fund.)

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The congressional coup supporters who received donations

The Majority Committee PAC is a congressional leadership PAC associated with US House Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who himself objected to the Electoral Vote count. The PAC supports the election of Republican House members. 165 companies made financial contributions to this PAC, which then bundles the money and doles it out to the individual members of Congress.

This is a list of the 120 coup supporters who received money from the Majority Committee PAC. Next, I will list the companies that donated to this PAC.

Of particular note in the list below are Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar, two of three US House members who have been accused by “Stop the Steal” organizers of helping them plan the January 6th “march” on the Capitol…

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