Can Mitch McConnell maintain his Senate majority by refusing to seat Ossoff and Warnock?

Trump, and a growing chorus of Republican electeds, have been ranting for weeks about how his re-election was stolen in Georgia. (It wasn’t.)

They claim there was a vast conspiracy — that not only involved the CIA and dead Hugo Chavez, but also Georgia’s Trump-loving Republican governor and secretary of state — to destroy ballots, let out-of-staters and dead people vote, and to use secret computer code to switch 17,000 votes away from Trump.

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Here’s a sampling of Trump’s election fraud claims from just this morning:

Nationally, at least 140 Republican members of the US House, and nearly a dozen GOP Senators, have said that they find the “voter fraud” so egregious and pervasive, they’ll try to block congressional certification of Biden’s victory on Wednesday, January 6.

The day before, Tuesday, January 5, Georgians (and, apparently, scores of dead Venezuelans) vote in a special election to pick the state’s two US Senators. But here’s the rub. By Trump’s logic, if Georgia’s election apparatus is so corrupted that Democrats were able to easily steal Donald Trump’s victory, why won’t that same dubious election apparatus be used to cheat Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, and illegally hand the election to Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock?

Jon Ossoff photo (l) by John Ramspott. Raphael Warnock photo (r) by his campaign.

If Ossoff and Warnock win — or, if one of them wins, and Democrats convince a sitting Republican or Republican-caucusing-Independent Senator to caucus with them instead — then Dems get the Senate majority. If Donald Trump, and a growing chorus of Republican members of Congress, are willing to steal the presidency over fake Georgia election irregularities, why wouldn’t they do the same with a Georgia election that takes away their Senate majority?

Now, looking at how such a steal would play out, it’s not clear that the Republicans would or could pull it off. But first, let’s be clear about one thing: If Ossoff or Warnock win, it is a near certainty that Donald Trump will claim that the election was stolen, and demand that they not be seated.

But would it work? Let’s take a quick trip through Senate procedure land…

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