Top Trump supporter Brandon Straka banned by Facebook, but not Twitter, after calling for a continued siege of the US Capitol

Lead Trump supporter Brandon Straka, who heads up the “Walk Away” movement — a campaign calling on Democrats to “walk away” from the Democratic party — tweeted an open call this past Wednesday for the “patriots” illegally occupying the US Capitol Building in a deadly coup attempt to “Hold. The. Line.”

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Straka’s tweet urging the illegal, and deadly, behavior to continue — sent to his 650,000 followers — came at 5:33 pm on Wednesday, January 6, several hours after the violent takeover of the Capitol building began. The insurgents were streaming live video of their attack. It was on every news network worldwide. Straka was surely aware that he was calling for the continuation of what was clearly a violent criminal act.

Glorification of violence is a violation of Twitter’s rules.

It is also a violation of Twitter’s rules to promote terrorist activity.

And while I was unable to find a clear Twitter rule against promoting criminal activity generally, this rule is a possibility: “You may not use our service for any unlawful purpose or in furtherance of illegal activities.”

While it may be unclear if Straka’s tweet is advocating violence, he is calling the domestic terrorists “patriots,” and urging the continuance of their occupation of the US Capitol building, a terrorist act which is clearly criminal and violent.

Straka — who holds a Twitter blue checkmark, a prized recognition granted to a minority of Twitter subscribers — revealed today that Facebook has now banned his “Walk Away” movement entirely… READ MORE

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