Twitter banned Trump, Kayleigh McEnany should be next

Twitter has finally banned Donald Trump for “glorifying violence,” in part by promoting unfounded election conspiracies that incited a Republican mob to a deadly terror attack on the US Capitol building this week.

But Trump wasn’t alone.

Lots of Trump-Republicans used Twitter to spread lies about the election, and more generally, divide the country with over-the-top, inflammatory rhetoric. Chief among them: Trump White House and campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany.

Now that Trump is banned, will Kayleigh McEnany be held accountable for her over-the-top tweets and retweets?

Let’s take a look at a few of McEnany’s Twitter musings since election day, 2020.

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That Democrats are stealing the election:

Some unfortunate foreshadowing:

Democrats have “unleashed a beast” because Biden won the election (she retweeted this):

Inflaming Republicans with extreme rhetoric:

Spreading the lie that the election was stolen by Democrats:

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