Please. Don’t. Hurt. Me.

Democrats in Congress caved today in the face of Republican objections to calling impeachment witnesses.

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The Democrats wanted only one witness, GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler. Congresswoman Beutler says that Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy told her that he spoke with Donald Trump during the middle of the Insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. McCarthy asked Trump to “publicly and forcefully call off the riot.” Trump refused, siding with the rioters.

It’s incredibly damning evidence, from a sitting Republican member of Congress, no less. Republicans objected to having Beutler testify. And Democrats caved, agreeing to a “compromise” whereby Beutler’s earlier statements to the press would be submitted for the record, rather than her actual testimony recorded via Zoom.

Democrats can be realists to a fault. There is no way that Trump is going to be convicted by the Senate. So Democrats figure — surely with the prodding of President Biden — that there’s no point in drawing out the proceedings any longer, so why not just forget about witnesses all together and get the final vote done today?

Why not, indeed. Because facts matter. The truth matters. The memory of three dead police officers matters. Creating an accurate historical record for posterity matters.

And something as crass as marketing matters too.

If Democrats are going to pursue impeaching Trump a second time, knowing full well that Trump would likely be acquitted by the ever-obsequious Republicans, then you might as well present the best case you can — at the very least, to protect the future electoral chances of those who vote your way on conviction. And having actual in-your-face testimony from a sitting Republican member of Congress will go a longer way towards swaying the public that this tribunal was necessary than her written quotes from a few news articles.

Why I do think Biden had a role in this? …. >>> READ MORE >>>

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