Forget the Vaccine Passport, let’s have a Vaccine Bible

Today’s podcast is heavy on messaging. We start with a discussion of former top Trump Covid adviser Dr. Birx’s claim that while the first 100,000 US Coronavirus deaths were unavoidable, the next 450,000 deaths were eminently avoidable. We get into the issue of why Democrats aren’t embracing this talking point more, that Trump’s own top adviser says the Republicans murdered 450,000 Americans last year. 

We then segue to a discussion of the merits of institution a “Vaccine Passport” for air travel and other public accommodations, and our proposal that we call it a Vaccine Bible instead, that’ll get the far-right on board!  

That takes us into a look at the 2022 election, and how Democrats may fare in the US House.

And finally, we dive deeper into the GOP attempt to bring back Jim Crow voter suppression laws.

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