The growing GOP war on America

US House Republicans just ejected Liz Cheney from their leadership, using a “voice vote” (all those in favor say “aye,” all those opposed say “no”) instead of an actual tally that would leave a record of who said yes and who said no.

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Cheney, you’ll recall, was kicked out of the #3 House leadership post because she refuses to falsely claim that Trump won the election.

At the same time, the House held a hearing this morning about the January 6th Insurrection, and it included Trump’s acting secretary of defense Christopher Miller, who refused to send help for a good couple of hours after the rioters had taken control of the US Capitol building, with Vice President Pence and practically every member of Congress on their own, barricaded inside.

At one point, Miller claimed that Trump’s speech on January 6th played no role in inciting the crowd. Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch angrily pointed out that Miller’s own written testimony for the hearing said that Trump’s speech did have an impact on the crowd. Oops. Miller also blamed “the media” for his failure to lift a finger to help stop the attempted violent overthrow of our government.

Jim Jordan, the Republican congressman from Ohio who stands accused of ignoring the ongoing sexual assault of college wrestlers under his purview while he was the coach at Ohio State in the 1990s, claimed that there was nothing wrong with Republican House members opposing certification of the election in the immediate aftermath of the attempted coup — a coup attempt that was based on opposition to such certification.

And a third GOP House member, I didn’t catch his name, claimed that the real villains that day were EVERYONE BUT the Trump supporters who violently took over the US Capitol building. As he sees it, “it was the Trump supporters who lost their lives” that day, so they were the good guys.

Another piece of related news that I stumbled on yesterday, and you may not have heard: 120 retired generals and admirals (Trump supporters, of course) wrote an open letter not only making excuses for the Insurrection, but justifying another. Think “Swift Boat,” but now using the military to justify the violent overthrow of our democracy. It doesn’t get any more dangerous than that.

We are dealing with an opposition party that is openly-fascist, and hostile to democracy. They are not only rewriting the history of the last Insurrection, they are laying the groundwork for the next, should their growing legislative efforts in the states fails to steal future elections via a corrupt ballot box.

2024 looks particularly perilous. Not only will we have to deal with a slew of Republican-passed state laws limiting voting rights, but Republicans are also shifting the responsibility for certifying the election from state secretaries of state to state legislatures. They learned their lesson in Georgia in 2020, when the local Republican secretary of state refused Lindsey Graham’s and Donald Trump’s entreaties for him to steal the election for Trump. In the future, a Republican state legislature can simply overrule the will of the voters, and certify the Republican the victor even if the GOP candidate clearly didn’t win.

There’s a second big problem. As I’ve written before, if there’s a conflict while certifying the electoral votes in Congress, the election could be thrown to the US House. And come 2022, the House may be run by Republicans. Today’s House GOP wouldn’t bat an eye at overruling the will of the American people in the 2024 presidential election. They were willing to overrule it in 2020, and they’re now defending the violent Insurrection. Why wouldn’t they support a simple vote to steal the presidency? They would.

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