Zoom: Famed Democratic strategist James Carville on how Democrats win in 2022 and beyond

Longtime Democratic campaign expert James Carville, who was the lead strategist in charge of getting Bill Clinton elected president in 1992, joins us to talk about how Democrats should message in order to win now and in the future.

Carville talks about why Democrats aren’t as good as Republicans at messaging, how “woke” messaging is hurting us at the polls, why Democrats didn’t do better in the 2020 congressional elections, whether we should give Joe Manchin a harder time for opposing the elimination of the filibuster, how Donald Trump managed to win, and whether we should even care about Trump voters as we look to the future.

James is a fun, frank and fascinating guy to interview. I think you’ll really enjoy this chat, and learn something too.

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This is the Zoom video version of the interview, and below that is the audio-only podcast version:

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