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Today’s UnPresidented podcast is about Donald Trump’s attempted coup and his supporters’ violent takeover of the US Capitol building. We also talk about the now-forgotten ...

Trump’s coup attempt just got a whole lot more dangerous

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Today’s show is about Trump’s ongoing coup attempt, and in particular, the revelation about Trump this weekend illegally attempting to coerce Georgia’s Republican ...

Prosecute Trump

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I just heard a CNN correspondent say — while discussing the bombshell new recording of Donald Trump trying to force Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, ...
Jon Ossoff photo (l) by John Ramspott. Raphael Warnock photo (r) by his campaign.

Can Mitch McConnell maintain his Senate majority by refusing to seat Ossoff and Warnock?

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Trump, and a growing chorus of Republican electeds, have been ranting for weeks about how his re-election was stolen in Georgia. (It wasn’t.) They claim there was a vast conspiracy ...

How Mitch McConnell killed the $2,000 stimulus check

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Hey gang, in today’s podcast, Cliff and I talk about Trump’s latest election fraud nonsense, scheduled for January 6; Mitch McConnell’s $2000 stimulus check poison ...

Cong.-elect Ritchie Torres (D-NY) on Trump, Biden and 2021

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Rising Democratic star Congressman-elect Ritchie Torres (D-NY) joins us to talk about his recent election to Congress as the first African-American and Latino member of Congress to ...

No, Dr. Jill Biden isn’t too educated

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Illegitimate, unworthy, arrogant, whore. Like clockwork, a new Democratic administration faces a Republican party re-energized at the prospect of demonizing yet another Democratic woman ...

David Roberts on Trump’s continuing election steal

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Writer David Roberts, author of the new newsletter, joins us to talk about the latest ramifications of Trump’s election steal. It was a fun conversation. This is one ...

What can we expect from Biden’s first year in the presidency?

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In today’s patron-only show, we invited Politico contributor, and new podcaster, Bill Scher back to talk about Biden’s first year in the presidency, what it means for ...
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